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Bring curiosity and creativity back into education.

In today's world, skills alone are no longer enough. I strive to transmit a foolproof state of mind allowing my students to rediscover the taste for curiosity and creativity. Obtaining a real capacity for adaptation and emancipation is, in my opinion, the key to a successful professional life.

Atypical path.
+9 years of teaching experience.

4 years 2016
Co-founder & CEO @ Studiomatic
Core business Still on the job

With Studiomatic, we are creating the music studios of the future. Self-service rehearsal studio, bookable and accessible 24/7 using your smartphone. We work with the leaders of rehearsal in France while developing our own network of independent studios. I studied web development, internet of things, data science and artificial intelligence in order to develop the technology behind Studiomatic myself.

1 year 2020
Professor @ Supdeweb
Still on the job

M2 E-Commerce courses: Overview of programming languages. Aimed at non-tech, this course allows digital players to better understand how the web works, what programming languages and technologies are used. Mostly oral, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, R, Python and SQL are also practiced there.

2 years 2018
Professor @ INSEEC U.
Still on the job

In 2 years, I had the opportunity to teach classes in M1 Marketing, M1 Marketing Digital, M2 Marketing Digital and M2 Big Data. The courses are very varied and mostly concern project management. Each year, I train 200 students at INSEEC on subjects such as programming, marketing, entrepreneurship and big data project management.

3 years 2017
Jury and speaker @ The Hacking Project
Still on the job

After being a student at The Hacking Project during their first programming bootcamp, I was subsequently called upon to speak on many different subjects related to development in Ruby: Blockchain, mobile application, web development, scrapping... By thereafter, I became a product and technical jury for final projects and have been involved in delivering the diploma for almost a year.

2 years 2016
Professor and educational adviser @ Cultura

Guitar teacher and management of the store's academy in Paris. During my time at Cultura, I worked on the big business project of digitalisation of music lessons by contributing to the development of online and physical tools as well as the common educational program. This has improved the quality of the courses through a hybrid learning mode that retains the best of both worlds. This solution has impacted well over 50 teachers in 20 stores with thousands of students.

3 years 2013
Independent music teacher

I started teaching as a freelance teacher while studying music and teaching. I had over a hundred students of all ages in guitar lessons, music theory, computer assisted music and band accompaniment.

They welcomed me for a conference.

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The most important topics for your students.

Web development

More than a necessity, learning to program is above all the best way to develop your creativity and your computational thinking.


Not everyone can become an entrepreneur. However, I am convinced that everyone can be more enterprising every day.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is not a business skill like any other. When used well, marketing can distort reality and get more with less.

Artificial Intelligence

Considered the greatest challenge of the 21st century, it is more essential than ever to have the right keys to understanding this technology.

My flagship courses and conferences.

Illustration for the conference Entrepreneurship in artistic circles

Enterprising in artistic circles

Conference of 1 hour face-to-face or online
Public : All types of publics

You are a creative person. Ideas are probably not what you are missing. But this is no longer to prove: an idea has value only when it is executed. Entrepreneurship is not innate, it is something that can be learned and worked. During this conference we will approach with great simplicity the subject of business creation in art.

Music Technology Startup Entrepreneurship
Illustration from the conference The Internet of Things Revolution

The Internet of Things revolution

Conference of 1 hour face-to-face or online
Public : All types of publics

The Internet of Things is one of the most important revolutions of the 21st century. With an estimated market of 1,567 billion by 2025, it is one of the most attractive technological sectors of the moment. The purpose of this conference is to give you the best keys to understanding the subject and the most interesting uses-cases of this revolution.

Internet of things Technology Domotic
Illustration for the course Programming languages overview

Programming languages overview

Course of 8 hours face-to-face
Publics : Non-tech, Undergraduate or at least Master

In the 17th century the question arose: "Should we learn to read and write?". As delusional as it is, it is like that of today: "Should we learn to code?". The future is read through the prism of technology and understanding the code becomes essential. This course will shed light on the obscurantism left by the programming.

Programming Web Technology History
Illustration for the Data Driven Marketing course

Data Driven Marketing

Courses and tutorials of 36 hours face-to-face and online
Public : Master

Big data has turned marketing upside down. Finally we can have a more pragmatic and scientific approach to marketing thanks to data. In this course halfway between growth hacking and data project management, students will be led to manage a business project where all decisions are made based on data.

Big data Marketing Growth Hacking Project management
Illustration for the tutorial course Startup Studio

Startup Studio & Programing

Courses and tutorials of 36 hours face-to-face and online
Public : Master

The startup world is shaking up the codes of classic entrepreneurship with its innovative business models, the impressive repeatability and scalability of their products. Even if inseparable from the technological aspect, the goal of this course is not to become a developer or startuper but to acquire the mindset of innovator and hacker common to these two worlds.

Startup Programming Web HTML/CSS Marketing Project managment
Illustration for the tutorial course Introduction to Wordpress

Introduction to Wordpress

Courses and tutorials of 8 hours face-to-face
Publics : Undergraduate and Master

35% of the sites in the world are powered by Wordpress. Why not yours? Blog, showcase or e-commerce, its ease of use and its versatility make Wordpress a very popular solution when it comes to creating your website. In this course we will learn how to create professional quality websites with Wordpress with ease.

Wordpress Blog eCommerce Web
Illustration for tutorial course Introduction to Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Introduction to Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Course of 36 hours face-to-face and online
Publics : Undergraduate and Master

Do you know what the Github, Airbnb, Stripe, Dribbble, Soundcloud and Shopify companies have in common? They all use Ruby and Rails in their web stack. With its simple and poetic syntax Ruby is a perfect language to start programming. In this course, we will discover this language and this framework which is gaining more and more ground.

Programming Ruby Ruby on Rails Web
Illustrative photo for the conference Introduction to artificial intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Conference of 1 hour face-to-face or online
Public : All types of public

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential subject of the 21st century and which leaves no one indifferent: ultimate revolution for some, total dystopia for others. In this conference, we will talk about what AI is, its history, its main techniques and the ethical questions it poses.

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Deep Learning Technology

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