## Who I am? I'm **Anthony**, a `Date.today.year - 1993` years old French guy. I have tons of passions and dreams and make a living as being an "entrepreneur" in tech, music and learning industries. I have an atypical, mostly passion driven, path. At the age of ten, I started playing music, which gave me the will of working as a musician very early. After succeeding \(in my opinion, it was a kind of success :-\)\) being a professional musician, I found myself in entrepreneurship, then, in programming and teaching. As an eternal undecided, I just did not choose between these passions and combine them all. Now I'm leading a [music tech company](https://www.studiomatic.co/en/), spending my time creating -mostly tech- products that can empower musicians. In my spare time, I'm collecting very [old books](Collecting%20old%20books.md), do [scuba diving](Scuba%20diving.md), then more recently, create a variety of online content while also learning [investment](My%20investment%20strategy.md). I consider myself as an internet offspring. I had the chance to access to computers very early in my life and I think it had a big influence on who I am right now. Like a lot of us, internet citizens, what I value the most is learning. Whatever the subject, whatever it takes, whatever it cost, money or time, what I like most is learning. That's, I think, the biggest reason of why I'm starting this "Limitless Exploration" project. ## Why this project? > This kind of project is called a [Digital garden](Digital%20garden.md). First, let's be honest : I create this project mostly for myself. It can act as an outlet, but it's essentially a place, where I keep track of what I know. It's like my own personal wiki, full of references to things I know. It allows me to search in and find easily ideas, references, links, personals notes and all kind of stuff I can and want to keep a trace of. I always wanted to create something where I can just express myself in the way I want to. > But what about just doing a blog then? Or a YouTube channel? Bro, there's ton of ways to express yourself! πŸ˜„ And you're right! So why this project? Because I don't want to abide by the intrinsic and induced rules forced by such formats. Here's what seduce me in cultivating a digital garden more than a blog or any other content creation medium: * Content over format * No explicit or implicit rules, neither from the platform, neither from the community * The technical simplicity : just Markdown, GitHub and Obsidian. * Freely prioritize the content I create * No chronology * No mercantile aspect * Muability over time * Share the things I know and like to talk about, with or without consistency * Connect topics and ideas that were initially very distant in a blink of an eye * Allow people to dive deep into a wide variety of fields and engage with me about what spark their curiosity. ## How to use? Well, it's very easy: use it as you want. Here's a hint: you can just watch the subjects on the sidebar and start to dig into the ones that sparks your curiosity. You can also go to the [~ Changelog](~%20Changelog.md) and start by reading what was just changed. You can agree or disagree with the content, the ideas, the way I'm seeing things or the link and resources I propose, it's ok. As long as you're enjoying the journey, and you learn things, well, you're using it well! Knowledge is something we're building all our life. We can build knowledge alone, but it will never be as good as doing it together. So please, don't hesitate to engage conversation, share your thoughts or just sending love \(even hate :-\)\) by [contacting me](Contact%20me%20%F0%9F%92%8C.md) πŸ’Œ ## What you'll find here? For me, digital gardens are to content creation what cabinets of curiosities are to collections : they just don't care of rules or artistic/editorial direction. When you start collecting things, there's always a sort of "direction" : you're collecting books, coins, stamps, car, wine, watches or `array_of_collectible_things.rand`... What a heresy of having some [collectible books](Collecting%20old%20books.md) in your stamps collection! 😱 Then you discover curiosity cabinets... And damn, what a thing! Now, you discover that some people are just collecting what appear to them a thing to possess, whatever how far objects are from each others. Well, digital garden are the same. Where blog, diary or `array_of_content_medium.rand` is like collection, digital garden is like cabinet of curiosity. I just write about what I like. It can be music, entrepreneurship, values, sciences, [diving](Scuba%20diving.md), sports, tech, programming, social/sexual/love/friends relationships, religion, politics, art, humor, [electronics](Electronics.md), [books](Books.md), nature, animals, #philosophy, #economy, personal development... well, you get it right? Everything I like. The content can be sometime a big article, another just a one sentence note with two links with no formatting at all... I'll do my best to often put new content, but two release can be distant from 1 hour or from 1 month. I allow me to CRUD \(create, read, update, destroy\) ideas as much as I want. I'm launching this kind of fancy newsletter to keep people who want aware of new release or update, maybe every month... This is the nonconformity I'm searching for. You've just entered a garden in perpetual work, were sown seed will, I hope, become trees one day. 😘 <iframe src="https://skilled-composer-245.ck.page/15be033a30" style="width:100%; border:none; height: 600px; margin: -3em 0">